I’m Aiacoboaiei Ana Maria, I’m 15 years old, I live in Piatra Neamt, Neamt County.
     About me: I’m very shy, a nuisance for my friends, calm, I’m funny, annoying, I like to joke, I like old school, I like very much Japan, it’s traditions,culture, etc…I love manga(comics) and Naruto, I like horror movies, like: Mirrors, Constantine etc. I like  rock music, alternative rock and hard rock, I like to draw, to listen to music and to torture my cat, she isn’t dead, yet… I don’t like spiders, and loudpeople, I don’t like liers and many more things.    

                                          ARNĂUTU ANDRA

        Hi! My name is Arnautu Andra, I'm 16 years old and I live in Piatra Neamt. My friends tell me Trixx because that's my nickname. I'm at "Victor Brauner" high school of arts. I love drawing, traveling, having fun, dancing, listening to music and going out with my friends. My motto is "What we do not live at the right time, never live." I think I'm a pretty honest and optimistic person. My favorite sports are swimming and karate. Since they are less willing to become a designer because I love everything about clothes, fashion, decor. 
       I love traveling because we can always find new and interesting things about other nationalities. Everyoane has something interesting. I was in Dubai, Spain and France and I think everyone is different. I have a lot to say about me but I like more to communicate orally. 

                                            BIRLIBA MIHAELA

   My name is Birliba Mihaela-Gabriela but my friends call me Angel. I am 15 years old and I was born on 1st November 1997. I love music and I play flute. I`m ambitious, amusing, clever, generous, warm, very committed, kind, sociable , reliable, self-confident, strong and stubborn. I love to walk in the park, sports, to meet new people and travel.

  I think the project „Our voices across Europe” would be a very interesting and beautiful experience.


 My name is Boanta Carina-Gianina and I`m 15 years old. My passions are: music, especially the flute, which I have been studying for +4 years (I study at „Victor Brauner – Highschool of Arts” ),  but I also like singing and playing the piano, to draw portraits, long walks, books and watch movies. I admit it, I`m a little bit selfish and cruel but the most of the time I`m a good, friendly, outspoken and optimistic person.

I love good music. The one between  the ’50’s and ’90’s for me is brilliant. I especially like blues and jazz. My idol is the blues singer B.B. King.

      I expect that the project “Our voicess across Europe” will help me a lot to socialise better, improving my English skills and making new friends all over the world.


      Hi, I’m Joey, a 16 year boy who lives in the city of Piatra-Neamt, Romania. What can I say about me, I like to meet new people, hang out with them on proms or events or simply to play cards, I like to spend my boring days by watching movies, serials or funny videos on youtube, checking out what’s new on 9gag or facebook. I don’t usually study home, my memory helps me learn from class what I need to remember.
     So,again, what can I say about me, I agree what others may say about me that I might be a complicated person but when you get to know me you’ll see that I’m a funny person, a true friend when you need one, a great lover and a good person to hang out with.


    My name is Chirileasa Sergiu Paul. I am 14 years old, in grade 9 at the School of Art "Victor Brauner" where I'm studies piano.I'm a strong hot wire does not sit still for a moment.
   I'm too pessimistic and very curious, I want to know how works everything. I like to play the piano, and voice. In my free time come out with rollers


                Hi! I’m Mara and I learn at Victor Brauner’’High School of Arts’’. Hard to say anything when I talk about me. I'm two people in one, being sign of Gemini. I’m changeable and often people tell me ‘’the crazy one’’.I never choose the middle solution and I always tend to one extreme or the other. 
There are few people who get to know me entirely. Perhaps because I keep them away by my way of being. I'm guided by a motto "Everything or Nothing". When I  have a goal, I’ll do all my best to achieve it, no matter what it involves.
               Talking about my profession, I love music, I have been played at the piano for 10 years, and I still love. It’s  like air to me and a good friend.As a hobby, I like to paint, to write about my life, English and to dance.
                I joined the Comenius project'' Our voices across Europe” to meet people and increase my knowledge. I hope that this project will develop me in music and English
               To finish in a nice way, I like the way I am. I'm not frustrated, I have enough confidence in me. Of course, everyone wants to change something about them, but I don’t want to change anything, because everything starts in my mind and soul.

                                                  GOREA IULIA

   My name is Gorea Iulia, but my friends call me Julia. I am 16 years old and I live in Piatra Neamt. I am student at “Victor Brauner” High School of Arts,  at Decorative Arts section, in the 10th grade. I addition, I have a big passion for photography. I also like to travel a lot, especially in the night. I am a big fan of books, that’s why I love to write especially poems and prose. I participated in various competitions about photography and painting (In school and out-of-school) where I received awards and diplomas. I have a huge attraction for winter nights. But beside of everything of this I want to tell you that I am a freak. 
           I love talking about psychoanalysis, especially about the unconscious and I have bizarre dreams. I promised to myself that if I were a stage director I will apply in my movies sequences that I dreamed. They are very very strange. Sometimes they really scare me. I love cats and I play piano and guitar a little bit. I also like to learn a lot of languages, but my orientation is for Danish. I like northerly countries and also I love stories about the Vikings, pirates, wizards and mystics.

                                             GROZAVU ANNA

        Sometimes it is hard to introduce yourself because you know yourself so well that you do not know where to start with. I ll start with the classical “My name is “ , well ...my name is Anna  Grozavu , I am seventeen years old  and I  live in an amazing north-east town called Piatra-Neamt, also named "The pearl of Moldova".
         At “Victor Brauner –Highschool of Art “  I`m currently studying “Design and decorative- arts “ is great , because it `s very relaxing going to art-classes, talking with people with the same passions, experiment new art techniques , learning team work. In the future with a lot of work , I want to be a graphic designer or illustrator .That is my greatest dream!
        I would describe myself as a very ambitious, hardworking and sincieere person ;There are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience but there are  three things I like the most. Like drawing, reading and daydreaming . I` m so pleased that I have great people around me, that inspire me. Actually everything inspires me,  the movies I watch, the music I listen. Everything. I try to be happy with what I have.
I know that the project “Comenius-A voice across Europe “ will help me a lot, particularly with improving my English, socializating skills and of course learning team-work .

                                       ILUCHIANU MARCELA

        My name is Marcela Iluchianu, I have been learning  at "Victor Brauner" High school of Art in Piatra Neamt and studing the violin for nine years. I love music because by meaus of it I try to transmit to others special feelings. I think that educational trips, projects or other extracurricular activities I will remain pleasant group memories. I like to meet new friends. I do not love being lied to, especially by close friends.


   My name is Nutu Andrei, I’m 16 years old and I’m in the second year at the “Victor Brauner” Highschool of Arts in Piatra-Neamt, at the visual arts section. I love to paint landscapes, portraits, but what I love the most is the Byzantine icons. My passions, except painting, are music, photography, reading and art history. Because I’m never satisfied with what I do, I try to dedicate my whole free time to painting, without forgetting about the other important things in my life. I like to be surrounded by creative people, so that we can learn from each other, to watch movies and to play guitar. I have got many national and international prizes and the most important ones are from Bangladesh ,Makedonia and Portugal.
My expectations for this Comenius project are to meet new open people, to exercise my English and to learn about the other countries, their culture and history.



        Hello! My name is Pintilie Ovidiu-Andrei, I’m 16 years old and I’m a student in High School of Arts “Victor Brauner” in Piatra Neamt, in the ninth grade, where I have study the classical guitar for five years..I like to study the classical guitar,  competitions, traveling, meeting new people, having fun with my friends and to relax listening good music and singing folk.Sometimes it may seem cold and distant person who tries to keep everyone away. I don’t like fake persons, liers and people who don’t keep their word.
         My dream is to study with the best teachers as a Conservatory in Europe and to play on the biggest stages in the world.


             Hi! My name is Ilinca Ruxandra and I am 16 years old. I live in Piatra Neamt, Romania, where I study art, at "Victor Brauner" art high school, hoping to become someday a fashion designer. Beside fashion, I enjoy photography and traveling .
        I have lived in Ireland a while and studied at Newpark Comprehensive School, Blackrock ,Dublin .
As much as I love art , sports such as jogging, athletics, tennis and hockey are some of my favorites, although I have a passion for food. It might seem crazy, but I really enjoy eating .                  
        I have a strong personality! 

     Hi everyone! I am Ioana and I am going to tell you something about myself. Firstly, I think that I have to begin with some basic information. I am sixteen years old and I learn at “Victor Brauner” High school of Arts. There I have been studying violin, but I also play the piano.

       Now, I am going to tell you some things about my personality. I am a very happy and cheerful girl. I am very optimistic and I’m always looking at the bright side in every kind of situation and I always have a smile on my lips. I am very sociable and I have a lot of friends. I always intend to meet and get in touch with new people. In spite of my joy, I have to admit that I have a quick temper and if someone pisses me off, I react with irony or even mean remarks. I also have to talk about the things that I like, those things that make me happy, and about the things that I hate or dislike. I like reading novels and I like to watch good movies, those kind of movies that have a moral or something from what you can learn. I also like to dance, hang out with my friends and go to parties. Some of the things that I dislike are being bored or lazy, because I always want to do something interesting, and I hate myself when I waste time with no purpose.

     I hope you like me and I assure you that if you get to know me, you’ll find a lot of other interesting things about me.


      My name is Sirbu Mihai Valentin and I’m 16 years old . I have been studying at the '' Victor Brauner '' High School of Art since class I. The instrument which I study is the piano. I obtained many prizes and diplomas at different instrumental interpretation contests, at national and international levels. After I finish secondary school I would like to study at the Conservatory.
    Besides school I like to spend time with my friends and practice different sports. What I expect from the Comenius project is to add more experience in speaking the English language and to socialize with different participants in this project, from other countries.


      Hi! My name is Anca Stan, I am 17 years old and I have been studying at the″Victor Brauner″ High School of Art, in Piatra Neamt. I am a tall girl, athletic, brown haired and hazel eyed. In my free time I do sports, read, draw, or  go with my friends in town to sing at karaoke or go to youth activities.
     I get involved in all kinds of school projects, even volunteering. These activities help me to have another perspective in life, to improve my social skills(teamwork, ability to communicate effectively and sense of organization). They help me to gain experience and make new friends. I like being different front the others. I want to go ahead with arts, at a graphic design college, because I was able to capitalize my drawings from the first year of high school and I love what I do. My weaknesses are that I am a perfectionist, sometimes that hurts me. I am a flexible person and honest, If I start to accomplish a task, I do not give up until I finish my promise. 
      I joined the Comenius project because it is an opportunity for me and my future, to travel and to know the culture, mentality and habits of people abroad.


       Hello! My name is Bianca Tanase. I am sixteen years old. I live in Piatra Neamt in north of Romania. I have been studying at “Victor Brauner” highschool of Arts in Piatra Neamt, for five years this school. I have learned a lot of whel things, to communicate, to express myself. I have learned to do what I like and to make friends. The people in this school are disciplined and the teachers teach very well. 
        I`m a dreamer my head always in the clouds, but I want to be somenone in the future. I want to travel a lot . I want people know me for what I do. I`ve been studying the viola. I love this instrument. I love to play it. But also to sing. I like to dream…all children do. In my free time I like to sing, to read books, to play the piano as well and I like torollerbalde. I would like to meet new young people and to anrich my knowbdge.   This is me! :D


       Hi! What can I say about me? Not an easy answer for this question! From an early age I fall in love with Arts.I used to write my name, Delia Tarcaoanu, so confidently because I  wanted my signature to resembling that of a true artist. I’m a sociable person, maybe, sometimes  I talk too much because I like to meet people, to share my dreams, thoughts and to talk about certain topics. Most of the day I keep on studying an amazing instrument: Pan-Flute! I’m a bit of a poet as  I like to read and I’m a big movie fan.Teamwork is my strongpoint. I play in some local bands and I like to take the floor. I’ve got  spirit of adventure, I love to travel, always filling my suitcase with memories and dreams.
    Actually, I believe that life is just a suitcase full of dreams. Sometimes you ask a friend to sit on it for you  succeed to closeing it! I try to hard to fillful  my purpose and I trust myself! I’m that kind of person whom you can’t take too serious if you don’t like jokes. 


  My name is Sebastian, I am 16 years old and I live in the city of Piatra Neamt, Romania. I can say that I am a person with a sense of humor and funny, though sometimes it may seems stressful or unpleasant. I love listening to music, usually rock or rap music and when I want to relax, I listen to Budda Bara music. This type of music calms you and everything around you is fun! I love to relax and have fun with my friends.
   In my free time I go out with friends and have fun! I love movies, I can call myself a movie addict.


          My name is Vintur Anton, I’m 16 and I have been studying percussion at “Victor Brauner Hight School of Arts” Piatra Neamţ  since 2007. During the years spent here I have participated in competitions, Olympiads, recitals where I got beauty of awards. In his spare time I like to study, to play football, to watch movies with my friends and listen to music. My favorite kind of music is Jazz.
  After finishing this school I would like to get a scholarship at the Royal Manchester College of Music (RMCM)". In the near future I'd like to convince my friends to set up a Jazz Band with which to play at different festivals in cities and around country. My idol in music is Gary Burton.
     In the framework of this transnational project I would like to make many friends, to visit new places, to improve my communication skills in English.



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    very much japan too.I wish come to my friend :)...

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